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Reach out to your customers differently through the power of web. We are the right company to promote your business and generate more sales and revenue through the internet.

We create, design, and code digital projects

Appendier is a development studio focused on internet development. We are based in the Netherlands and Tanzania.

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Outsource Development Team / Hire a Developer

On demand IT team or Complementary to your existing IT team. Appendier can help with frontend and backend development. In the past Appendier worked together with digital marketing agencies, design agencies, photographer and advertising companies. Setting up a good plan requires time, execution go smooth. Develop, Build and Expand Your Capacity

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We pride ourselves in delivering high end quality development outsourcing solutions to our clients all the time. Our unique work methods and innovative consultation techniques enables us to provide quality services are highly tailored to meet the specific needs of our individual clients.

Market Understanding

Our wide range of development outsourcing services which span across various industries including retail, wholesale, trades, creative industries and startups, have enabled us grow in strength and expertise. We are thus able to understand the needs and behavior of the market.


Time is a critical factor in every establishment, it can mean the success or failure of a project. At Appendier, we take our client’s deadline for developing projects very seriously and ensure that every project is delivered on time.

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